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      Sun Louver & Shutter

      • Sun Louver & Shutter
      Sun Louver & Shutter
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      Sun Louver
      With standardization of manufacture technics,  Xinjing brand Sun Louver have unique design, beautiful appearance and practical application.

      Place of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong

      Material: aluminum alloy

      Brand: Foshan Xinjing xinjing

      Specifications: customized according to customer
      requirements (mm)


      Raw material: iron or aluminum

      Surface processing: engraving plane punching spraying

      Surface treatment: outdoor full polyester powder coating (automatic electrostatic spraying line, uniform color)

      Fire performance: British BSI fire test pass (BS476)

      Recommended application

         School, hotel

         Terminal/car building

         Conference hall, opera house


         Reception hall

         a residence on both sides of a viaduct or highway

         High noise plant, dormitory


      · Each piece can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled

      ·Easy to match various lamps and equipment, easy to load and unload

      ·Waterproof, mildew proof, corrosion resistant, weather resistant

      · Uniform color, indoor use, warranty for 10 years unchanged color

      ·The appearance is fine, smooth and easy to clean

      ·High quality hot-dip galvanized iron plate or aluminum alloy plate to ensure panel rigidity and flatness

      Warranty: polyester powder coating, fluorocarbon coating, polyester paint spraying, quality assurance, indoor and outdoor use, 10 years unchanged color!

      Thickness: 0.8-3.0mm (customized according to customer specifications)

          Acid-resistant, Fire-proof,Shock-proof, Weather fastness, PVDF Spray finishing, Durableness.

          As an exterior protection structure of  the  modern building, It’s generally accept to apply the Electric Control Sun Shutter / Sun Louver to  adjust  indoor temperture,decrease the sun untraviolet radiation, avoid strong sunlight. Sun  shutter  and  louver can  reduce  the  strong sunlight, reduce indoor temperture and avoid bright sunlight dazzle. Save more than 30% air conditioner energy cost. At the same time, Sun shutter / Sun Louver stuucture make the building magnificent apperrance.

      Sun Shutter
          Xinjing brand Acoustic Sun Shutter design with hollow and perforation blades,together with Acoustic material, the sun shutter can be efficient in absorb the noise from city, road and viaduct.The blades can be make into “L” shape or “Elliptical” shape.  Which look beautiful and run practically.  Adjusting the slope of the blades can adjust the sun shine. Enable the air ventilation. There is a seal to ensure the shutter close hermetically.

      1 (1).jpg

      The  louver and louvered series have the advantages of combining the above 2 products, reducing noise interference, and saving energy and reducing consumption.

      1 (2).jpg
      1 (3).jpg


      (Shading louver product installation example)
      1 (4).jpg

      XJ-BY05 sheet metal assembly drawing and finished product drawing
      2 (1).jpg
      2 (2).jpg
      3 (1).jpg
      3 (2).jpg
      3 (3).jpg

      Recommend Applying in these place below
      House, office beside the viaduct, hightway, and strong noice place like factory, school, hotel and strict acoustic standard building. Electric and Manual control version are available.

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