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      Xinjing Decoration were founded in  1988 and is a professional ceiling manufacturer in China. We have 30 years'  experience in manufacturing ceilings, sun louver pergola  and aluminum curtain walls. Our annual  production is more than millions of square meters currently.

      Xinjing Decoration  is an  international tectonic metal decoration manufactory distributing products to all  over the world especially Asian market. Our product range almost covers all  metal ceiling tiles(square tiles, grids ceiling, lath ceiling), metal exterior  spray-paints and relative tectonic materials such as metal ceiling suspensions,  metal groove shape products and aluminum panels for outside walls. Our  decoration products are widely used by many hotels, offices, museums and  shopping malls in big cities of China.

      With a production wordshop over 20,000 square meters,  Xinjing  Decoration  have plentiful experiences of suspension molding and  craft structure design, as well as the design for metal decoration products.

       Furthermore, we have strong technique support, perfect and  high precision production lines and CNC equipment which ensure us to provide  high quality products. Therefore, our products are well sold to overseas 60  countries and regions. If you are interested in our products, please don't  hesitate to contact us at any time.